Aim of the program

Our programme comprises of both course-based and research-based elements. The aim of the doctoral programme is to enable students to conduct research in accordance with the common national and international standards in pedagogy. The credits are divided in the following proportion: 33% for courses, 5% for complex examination, 45% for academic research, and 17% for teaching in tertiary education.

Strengths of the program

  • combination and integration of different disciplines
  • interesting and attractive projects and outstanding research
  • 7 doctoral programmes with a wide variety of research focus
  • the warm and friendly interpersonal spirit
  • professional preparedness
  • administrative capacity to help facilitate student life

Facts & Figures

Duration of the program: 4 years (4+4 semesters)

Credit number: 252 ECTS

Type: doctoral, full-time

Language: English

Tuition fee: 4900 EUR/semester

Check our infographic about the application procedure!

Entry requirements


Applicants are expected to present the documentation of their MA/MSc diploma with at least good average.

For the Sports and Health Promotion Program: MA/MSc in education, pedagogy, teacher training, psychology, recreation, physical education teacher program, sports coach, sports manager, health educator, nutritionist, physiotherapist.

If the applicant takes their final examination during the current semester and their degree certificate (diploma) is not issued before the application deadline, a certification is required issued by the institution, which verifies that the applicant will presumably receive a degree at a specific date. In case of being accepted as a student, however, the applicant must present the diploma upon enrolment at the latest.

This programme is not available for Hungarian citizens.


The language of instruction for the entire programme is English, so a very good command of English is required during the oral entrance exam and throughout the whole programme. The language knowledge is assessed and evaluated during the interview.

The educational requirements are defined by the Ministry of Human Capacities (Ministerial Decree 387/2012. (XII. 19.). The details of the application and admission process are defined by the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE.

Doctoral programs

  • Adult Learning and Education
  • Teacher Education and Higher Education Studies (EDiTE)
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Learning, Instruction and Subject Pedagogies
  • Sports and Health Promotion
  • Theoretical - Historical Pedagogy


Application package

The application starts on the online application system. Students need to register in the system, fill in the online application form, upload the required documents and follow the instructions during the application process.

Students must upload all the required documents in the online application system, and after adding all the required documents, submit it.


List of application documents

Following documents need to be submitted in the online application system:

  • Master's diploma sealed, signed and dated
  • an official English translation of the MA certificate sealed, signed and dated
    • The translation is needed only if the language of the original is not English. It can be a translation from the university, too.
  • research plan outline: You need to have an elaborated research plan, approximately 3-4 page-long including the research idea, methodology, timing, and literature.
  • reference work It can be any academic paper written in English by the applicant within the field of the applicant's earlier studies (MA thesis extract, a research paper, a seminar paper, a research report, a published journal article or a book chapter, a case study, a literature review, etc.) Either a new paper or an improved version of an earlier work can also be written for the current application. The ideal length should be between 5-15 pages excluding references and the appendices. There are no special requirements concerning the format.
  • motivation letter
  • list of publications (not obligatory)
  • recommendations (not obligatory)
  • supervisor statement from potential future supervisor. It is recommended to upload this document signed by a supervisor of the doctoral school of in which s/he understakes the duties of being your supervisor. Click here to find supervisors.
  • proof of language proficiency (recommended, not obligatory)
  • main pages of the passport
  • proof of transfer of the application fee - 120 EUR (non-refundable)
  • proof of transfer of the entrance exam fee - 120 EUR (non-refundable)

The application and the entrance exam fee can be paid separately or in one amount as well.


Both fees should be transferred to the following account:

  • Name of Bank: Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury)
  • Address of Bank: Budapest, Váci út 71, Hungary – 1139
  • Holder of the account: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
  • Account No.: 10032000-01426201-00000000
  • IBAN Number: HU03 1003 2000 0142 6201 0000 0000

The application and the entrance exam fee can be paid separately or in one amount as well.

On the transfer order please put down your full name and “AB01 B104 B10405/18”!

Application deadline

May 25th 23:59 (CET)

Procedure of the entrance examination

The entrance exam is an interview, based on the applicant’s research plan. The aim of the interview is to see whether the research topic of the candidate fits the profile of the doctoral programme. The exam is approximately a 30 minute-long conversation with the head of the doctoral programme and other professors about the research plan, its feasibility, and the candidate’s previous academic path (publications, results, research).

The entrance exam can be taken in person or via Teams (you do not need to download the app).



Please find more information about the curriculum and the course descriptions HERE.

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